Why So Serious? Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun

Attempting to remember what this writing thing is all about and getting back to the joy that writing can bring

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Dear me,

Stop being so serious.

Remember that you are doing this for fun.

You haven’t quit your day job. Yes, you made money last month. $7.58. From one viewpoint, this is not that impressive. It is maybe enough for a fancy cup of coffee. It is a drop in the bucket compared to the biggest authors on Medium that are pulling in more than $22,000 in a single month.

Or you can step back and realize that there are actual live people out there in the world reading your words. Seeing your ideas. Agreeing and disagreeing with you. Two months ago you made $0 from your articles. One month ago you wrote your way to $0.43.

Be yourself and keep speaking your voice. That voice has already reached people all over the world. The United States, Brazil, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, India, France, China, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Just like everyone else out there, your ideas matter.

You will get there. Have some patience and persistence. Your words matter. You matter.

Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate, re-tool, and re-energize yourself. Today is January 1. There is whole new year in front of you. Tomorrow is Jan 2. There will be a whole new year in front of that day too. You have more wisdom now than you have ever had before in your life. Tomorrow you will have just a little bit more.

Keep going because no matter what, I believe in you.

Me (You)

Welcome to a new year and a new day!

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Engineer. Manager. Husband. Father. Wanna-be Writer. Editor-In-Chief & Grand Poobah of www.kevinwanke.com

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